Finnish P-series survey

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Re: Finnish P-series survey

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Kiväärinpiippujen puuttumiseen voi tietenkin olla syynä myös se, ettei niitä hyväksytty käyttöön.Iso osa piipuista hylättiin aluksi, mistä Saloranta sai melko kovan tuomionkin ja otettiin käyttöön sitten uudestaan tarkastettuina sotakäyttöön.

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Re: Finnish P-series survey

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Translation - väännöstä pukkaa..

Spiess asks, where did mr. Palokangas wrote as previously stated?

Jaska: "Sotilaskäsiaseet Suomessa" ("The Military Handheld Weapons in Finland", vol 1, page 97). On the same page there is a table - according to it, the army only received 497 mg barrels.

Aku K: The book has different source markings for these two pieces of information. The info about 350 barrels is from maj. Saloranta's report and the table is from some board of inquiry. In the Saloranta's report source marking the is a source note to the Finnish Military Museum's archive. Could it be possible for someone to visit the archives and study this report more closely..

Jaska: It is also possible that the rifle barrels were not accepted and so they are not included.. Major part of the barrels were failed at first inspection - of which maj. Saloranta got punisment - later the barrels were accepted after new a inspection.

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Re: Finnish P-series survey

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I can't believe the last time I posted on this forum was 4 years ago! Damn!

Hey Finns, just popping back in to bump this thread and get some interest in P-series Mosins going again. I have expanded my database of P-series Mosins from under 100 to 216 and counting! I love it!

Among the interesting ones I have catalogued is a P-28, which I would bet is as rare as the P-25.

Any new P-series Mosins that have popped up in Finland that aren't in the database listed in the first post? Let me know and I will add them!


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